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  Agriculture & Environment    
  Iraq's agriculture sector has suffered 30 years of neglect. The country has had a lack of agricultural inputs, a lack of machinery and has failed to adequately deal with the problem of soil salinity. Approximately two-thirds of Iraq's wheat and barley are grown dryland and the other third of the wheat and barley and all of the rice are irrigated. Only 50 per cent of Iraq's 11 million hectares (29.7 million acres) are currently under cultivation.

The newly rebuilt sector will require expertise in crop production, livestock, poultry and dairy farming. It will also require key skills in horticulture, water irrigation and technology management, along with agricultural machinery. There will also be a demand for monitoring equipment, filtration services, sewage treatment and recycling technology, along with pollution clean-up and waste-handling equipment.
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  Aybakar - One of the major machinery and equipment manufacturing companies in the grain processing industry
  Debbane - Distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical appliances, agricultural supplies, horticulture specialists
  Dupont - Provider of scientific products and services
  Inkoa Sistemas - Supplier of integral solutions directed to the Agro-Food Sector
  Linco Set & Hatch - Manufacturer of incubators of the highest quality and reliability
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