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  Energy & Utilities    
  The power and utilities sector - principally comprising electricity, heating, ventilation and lighting - is a key sector for the rebuilding of Iraq. Iraq's utilities are in desperate need of repair. Power plants still in operation supply a fraction of the electricity the country needs.

Electrical systems are kept running only through the skill of Iraqi engineers forced to improvise without needed spare parts. Families have been storing water in old barrels rather than having to rely on water systems that do not always work.

There is a clear need for power stations, plant equipment, high voltage transmission, networks for distribution and portable generators. There is also a high demand for supplies and accessories such as lighting systems and testing equipment, along with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) supplies, as well as refrigeration and cooling systems.
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  American Power Conversion - Provider of global back-up power products and services
  Arab Aluminium - Producer of aluminium profiles
  Bernardi Impianti International S.p.A. - Construction of bituminous conglomerate plants
  BP - Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
  Consukorra - Provider of trade and consultation services
  Earth Tech - Provider of services for the engineering, environmental and construction industry
  Energy Services - Provider of field supervisory engineers and power contract services
  FG Wilson - Provider of power generation solutions
  Fitzgerald Lighting - Manufacturer and distributor of lighting products
  Greenfield Foundation - An inventor of US & Canadian patented Solar / Wind powered portable greenhouses.
  Lohrmann International - Specialise in the sale of good used power plants and processing equipment
  Power Machines Group - Manufacturer and supplier of equipment for power plants
  Rainbo Supplies & Services Ltd - Specialising in procurement and supply services within the oil & gas, construction and related industries
  Roland S.r.I - Plastics processing and diecasting machinery
  ROMELECTRO SA - Generaters, transmitters and distributors of electric power
  Routon Electronic - a joint-stock enterprise engaging in researching, developing, and manufacturing telecommunication terminal equipment
  Schneider Electric - Manufacturer of equipment for electrical distribution and industrial control and automation
  Shell - Producer of energy and petrochemicals
  Siderpali - Manufacturer of steel monotubular poles for electric utilities, wireless communications and public outdoor lighting
  Surge Supression Incorporated - Manufacturer and supplier of a complete line of transient voltage surge suppression products
  Technical Solutions to Industry - A business-to-business company specialising in the energy sector, transmission and distribution
  Thorn Lighting - Professional lighting supplier
  TransGlobal Energy - Provider of engineering services, procurement, construction, start-up, operations and maintenance of power generation and hydrocarbon facilities
  Tyco Electronics - Global manufacturer of products and systems for the electrical power industry
  Vokes - Provider of services for marine and power generation applications
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