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  The establishment of regular and professional healthcare is regarded by many as being the most pressing of all needs in a post-war Iraq. The current healthcare system is currently in a state of ruin, having come to a virtual standstill 10 to 15 years ago. The prior regime sought to limit the influence of the outside world, especially the west. To this end, only the highly privileged or politically connected physicians were able to travel outside of the country for conferences or training. Additionally, higher education, encouraged and rewarded in the United States, was viewed as a threat to power because education produced independent thought, seen as a danger to those in authority.

The issue of healthcare in Iraq was also complicated, as the industry was not exempt from the graft and corruption bred into all aspects of the Iraqi government, some of which still needs to be rooted out today. High-ranking Baath party physicians received higher salaries and positions of authority regardless of their skill, seniority, or education. In order to be a director general for health in a province, the physician had to hold a high degree in the Baath party. This often led to incompetent but politically motivated physicians leading healthcare in the country.

There is an urgent demand in Iraq for hospital equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals, along with intensive care, emergency and rehabilitation equipment. There is also a strong need for dental products and equipment, lab tools (analysis and diagnostic equipment) and eyecare products and supplies.
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