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  Information Technology    
  A number of attempts are being made to bring modern information technology (IT) to the people of Iraq. Iraq's facilities - three teaching hospitals and a spinal cord treatment centre - have lacked modern medical information resources for decades. There are plans to bring computer-based medical resources to Iraq, providing IT equipment and training to youth and higher education centres.

Access to the Internet in Iraq is strictly controlled and granted to a select privileged few. The access they do enjoy is heavily censored. The current bandwidth available to the entire country of Iraq is only slightly quicker than that enjoyed by a single average US or European company.

The newly rebuilt Iraq will demand providers of a full range of industry solutions and other e-business products, with considerable demand expected for office software, security systems, multimedia, desktop publishing (DTP), information management, mobile computing and multilingual software.
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  Afkar Information - Internet/IT services, e-business solutions and e-commerce applications
  Alpha Sim Technology - Provider of refinery, chemical, petrochemical and utilities
  BCL & Dutco - Provider of computer-based systems and equipment for information technology
  Cisco Systems - Provider of global networking solutions
  Constellation Networks Corporation - Provider of global satellite services
  Emerge Technologies - Provider of information technology solutions
  Empower Dynamics - Full service management, IT, IS and systems integration consultancy
  GAMA - Provider of information technology services
  iComport - Provider of specialised business software solutions
  JorWeb International - Computer software-hardware company
  Microsoft - Provider of IT software, solutions and support
  MRO Software - Provider of strategic asset management solutions
  NetStar Technologies - Global multimedia communications service provider
  Nomadtrack - Leading provider of real-time operation intelligence
  Oracle - Leading supplier of software for information management
  Real Inc. - Globally recognised International general trading group
  STS Group - Enterprise level hardware, software services and solutions provider
  Xantic Satellite Communications - Provider of mobile high speed data, Internet, email, fax and voice communications
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