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  Oil & Gas    
  Iraq has the world’s second largest proven oil reserves, with nearly 11 per cent of the world total. It also has more than two per cent of the world’s proven natural gas reserves and the potential for considerable extra discoveries of both oil and gas.

Opportunities exist for a wide range of upstream and downstream activities, including exploration, production, pipelines and storage, and for a large range of service companies including equipment suppliers, petroleum providers and environmental technical services, consultants, pipeline and storage contractors, banks and others wanting to finance major new developments.

As well as providing a series of major business opportunities, the development of Iraq’s oil and gas industry is likely to have a profound effect on the world oil industry in general. Iraq could become both an important provider of oil to world markets and natural gas to regional markets, with a corresponding effect on prices over many years to come. It could also be a major competitor for nearby producers of oil and gas in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, affecting future developments way beyond its borders.
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  BG Group - Explorer, developer and distributer of natural gas and oil
  BP - Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
  ChevronTexaco Corporation - Exploration and production, refining, marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing, sales and power generation
  Corrotherm International - Experts in the selection and supply of heat and corrosion resistant materials
  Ciba Specialty Chemicals - Producer of speciality chemicals
  Entrac - Consultancy and training in oilwell drilling, casing design, well engineering, reservoir engineering and geology
  ExxonMobil - Refiner and marketer of petroleum products and manufacturer of lubricating oil basestocks
  German Partner Consulting - Supplier of used metal working machinery
  Global Trade Links - Supplier to the oil and gas industry
  INA - Provider of services in the field of oil and gas exploration and production
  IPIP - Romanian Institute of Engineering and Design for Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
  Marathon Oil Corporation - Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
  MJB International - Provider of services to owners and operators of industrial gas turbines
  Parsons Peebles Machines - Supplier of hight voltage motors and power generators for the power, oil, gas and petrochemicals industry
  Petes - Provider of gasoline service station equipment
  Petrofac - Designs, builds, operates, finances and co-invests in oil and gas plant, upstream, midstream and downstream
  Petroconsult - Provider of oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical services
  Rainbo Supplies & Services Ltd - Specialising in procurement and supply services within the oil & gas, construction and related industries
  ROSEN Inspection Technologies - Provider of pipeline and tank inspection services
  Shell - Producer of energy and petrochemicals
  United Oilfield International Ltd - Solids control company specialising in the sale, rental and servicing of centrifuges
  Weatherford - Provider of global oilfield products and services
  WRT BV - Producer of chemicals and supplier of services for the oil industry
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