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  Security will be an important factor for the prosperity of a future Iraq. The country is currently in the midst of a security vacuum; this presents opportunities for suppliers of security and emergency service infrastructure, including ambulances and emergency equipment, firetrucks and firefighting equipment, and police motorcycles.

There will also be a need for closed circuit television, control systems and burglar alarms, perimeter protection, serveillance and telecommunications equipment, IT security, identification processing, and uniforms and protective clothing. There will also be opportunities for companies dealing in crowd and access control management.
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  6569 Security Consultants - Provider of training services in the field of firearms and defensive tactics
  AEGIS - Specialist risk management
  AKE Limited - Provides specialist risk services to businesses, non-government organisations and the media
  AMK Group - Provider of business support and security services in Iraq
  Armor Group - Global security risk management, business information and intelligence
  BACTEC - Specialist explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and landmine clearance company
  BAE Systems - Civil and military capabilities, innovation and cost-effective solutions
  BCB International Ltd - Manufacturer and designer of personal combat equipment
  Blue Hackle - Specialising in the provision of critical, high-level and effective support in the areas of security and corporate investigation and intelligence
  Centurion Risk Assessment Services - Provider of specialised security services
  Command Risks Management - Specialists in risk consultancy, intelligence and security services
  COMM PORT Technologies - Provider of state of the art, technology-based security solutions
  Defensive Tactics Academy - Provider of specialised security services
  DynCorp International - Development and installation of sophisticated computer security systems and equipment
  EHC Group - The first and the only French-speaking operative private security company
  ELS - Provider of land clearance and security services
  Emergency Response Services - Provider of specialist rescue, medical and search & recovery services
  Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd - Specialists in the placement of ex-military personnel in to the private and public sectors
  Exploration Logistics Group Plc - Provider of a range of support and logistical services
  Gator Global Services - Provider of security solutions, knowledge and experience
  Genric - Leading independent specialist security and medical consultancy
  Global Risk Training - A leader in international risk management
  GRBC - Specialised provider of services for private companies, diplomats and other professionals
  GSI International - Global association of security operatives
  Hart GMSSCO - Security solution providers
  Hill & Associates - Risk management and security services
  International Security and Surveillance Limited - Private security and surveillance services
  Janusian Security Risk Management - Provider of business intelligence, corporate investigations and risk management
  Kroll - Provider of investigative, intelligence, financial, security and technology services
  Life Resist Ltd - International specialised security organisation
  MineTech Group - International provider of mine clearance services since 1983
  Minimal Risk Consultancy - Provider of a broad range of specialist security provision and impartial advice for individual and corporate clients
  Mushriqui Consulting - Supplier of security products and personal protective equipment
  NAFFCO - Provider of a wide range of fire extinguishers and other fire fighting products
  Napco - Diversified manufacturer of security products
  Objective Team Ltd - Hostile environment safety training for professionals deploying to Iraq
  Odin Security Services - Provider of high risk protection specialists
  Olive Security - Specialist advisor and provider of security services and secure technologies
  PRO PATRIA - Provider of technical solutions and software development for the defence market
  Raytheon - Defence and aerospace systems supplier
  RIG Police Recruit - Provider of policing skills to forces around the world
  Safety & Security International - Provider of uniforms and equipmentto law enforcement and public safety personnel
  Sea Security Services - A global leader in the fight on piracy and terrorism
  Security Consultancy & Recruitment Services - Supplier of security specialists to global companies
  Standto - Specialise in providing qualified and highly trained personnel for clients in worldwide areas of conflict.
  Tactical Risk Management - Specialised crisis and risk management company
  Tarheel Canine Training - Provider of trained dogs for police services and military applications
  Threat Resolution Limited - Provider of a range of expert services in relation to explosives and weapons risk management
  Triple Canopy - Delivers secure solutions to organisations worldwide
  United Mesopotamia for Security - Provider of security services in Iraq
  Unity Group - Provider of security, critical support and training solutions
  US Tactical, Inc. - Supplier of tactical equipment, accessories and clothing to law enforcement, military and online consumers
  WAY INDUSTRY - Privat slovakian manufacturing company with 30 years long tradition in production of mechanical equipments
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