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  The plan for the reconstruction of Iraq's communications infrastructure has the goal of introducing competition into the Iraqi market. The aim is to create a first-class, integrated media network that will include national radio channels, television channels and a national newspaper, Al Sabah, to replace the former state-run network in operation under the former regime.

With regard to telecommunications, there are plans for the construction of a cellular telephone system to be in operation by late this year, which will consist of three tiers: the military tier, the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) tier - which has two parts, internal communications and outreach to Iraqi counterparts - and a tier for the reconstruction of the country's telecommunications infrastructure.

Demand for telecommunications within Iraq greatly varies, from the urgent need for GSM phones and other mobile network technology to other telecom equipment such as cables and connections, telecom masts and antennae, public networks, repair equipment and PABX systems. There is also a clear need for improved communication software, along with human resources such as software consultants and engineers.
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  Al-Khaleejiah - Global media representative fot the Suadi Research and Publishing Company
  atrexx - A key solution provider for the telecommunications and broadcast industries
  Business Satellite Solutions - Provider of broadband or IP wide area networking (WAN) satellite solutions
  Danimex Iraq - Provider of radio communication services
  DHL International - Provider of express/freight service
  Fluke Networks - Provider of innovative solutions for the testing, monitoring and analysis of enterprise and telecommunications networks
  Global Beam Communications - Leading Internet via satellite provider providing VSAT, VPN and VoIP services
  ITC Investment & Technology Group - Provider of services within the Iraqi telecommunications sector
  Kodak - Developer, manufacturer and marketer of intelligent imaging products
  Link Communications Systems - Specialising in the design and implementation of VSAT networks and a VSAT service provider
  Macsteel Group - Provider of marketing, shipping, logistics, finance and e-commerce solutions
  Omnitop Ltd - Supplier of unique, high-quality products, including escape masks and noise-reduction technology for cell phones
  Redwing Satellite Solutions Ltd - Providing Inmarsat and Iridium services to meet mobile requirements
  SatCom Group - Provider of reliable satellite communications equipment and airtime
  Serco Group - Provider of task management, facilities management and systems engineering
  Servicesat - Experts in satellite communication
  Shenzhen HYT Science & Technology - Professional developer, manufacturer and marketer in wireless communication terminal and system engineering
  Siderpali - Manufacturer of steel monotubular poles for electric utilities, wireless communications and public outdoor lighting
  TECNOVE, S.L. - Designer and developer of mobile telephony, television units, medicine units, ambulances, transport vehicles and mobile rooms
  Telenor - Provider of mobile high-speed data, Internet access, e-mail, fax and voice communication services
  Tesla - Provides a network of radio and television transmitting centres
  Track24 - Provider of services for satellite tracking technology
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