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Aceralia is the biggest Spanish steel group, producing about 10 million tons of flat and long products, including pipes. We are suppliers to the construction sector, to the automotive, metal, packaging, engineering and electrical appliances industries and to railway companies.

There are 23 plants located across Spain as well as steel service centres and distribution units to provide the best service to our customers. We are part of Arcelor, the largest steel group worldwide, producing about 40 million tons - including stainless steel - and located in more than 60 countries with a staff of roughly 100,000 people, 15 per cent of which are based in Spain.

State-of-the-art technologies enable us to offer any kind of service and propose adapted steel solutions all over the world. Our long product portfolio comprises:

- Heavy long products: beams, channels, merchant bars, steel sheet piles, special sections and rails
- Light long products: concrete reinforcing bars, merchants steels and wire rod
- Drawn wire products: steelcord (reinforcement for tyres and rubber hoses, saw wire), drawn low carbon steel (bright, annealed and galvanised wire, welded mesh, steel fibres), and high-carbon steel (pre-stressed wire)

Electric arc furnaces are used for the production of the steel for the sections. This technology for melting recycled scrap in state-of-the-art electric arc furnaces considerably enhances productivity and reduces energy consumption, as well as all types of emissions into the environment. In addition, the production plants are equipped with near net shape casters for the efficient production of sections as well as other in-line heat treatments allowing for a substantial reduction in the use of alloying elements in the steels. Therefore, sustainable structures can be built with these sections.

The key application sectors for our long products are:

- Construction and civil engineering - infrastructure, industrial and multi-storey buildings, bridges, renovation, deep foundations
- Maritime and river structures - quay walls, locks and dams, berth and flood protection
- Power and energy - pipe-line supports, pylons, power stations
- Offshore - offshore structures
- Rail - products for railways and cranes
- Mining - mine structurals

We provide product and project-related consultancy services. This expert knowledge is acquired from in-house research, from cooperation with universities and consulting engineers with subsequent development work on techniques and systems.

We are a full-service supplier with integrated logistics and the benefit of excellent infrastructure as well as an extensive sales network world-wide.

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