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AMIANTIT - "Fluid transmission, storage products and water management services"

The Amiantit Group is a leading industrial organisation with global strength and a track record of growth-orientated success in manufacturing various kinds of pipes, joints, fittings, tanks, rubber and insulation products and related accessories.

The group has entered into a new era of growth and development through geographic expansion of manufacturing facilities research development and application of advanced technologies and consultancy, engineering and operation services for water management projects, all factors that are aimed at exploiting the available market opportunities and maintaining industry leadership. With its competitive position, the quality and commitment of its people and its excellent performance record, the Group looks forward to achieving its vision of global leadership.

The Amiantit Group operates a large number of manufacturing plants in Saudi Arabia and other strategic locations around the globe that include companies formed by joint ventures with different partners. Its vast organisational strength includes superior technology and manufacturing excellence in all product lines. All operational units are accredited with ISO certification, which is international recognition of Amiantit quality standards.

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