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Arenco Environmental Construction and Consultants - We supply, install and test geosynthetics

Arenco Environmental Construction and Consultants is recognised as the leader in geosynthetics installation in the Middle East and Africa. Arenco boasts itself with a team that consists of the elite in the domain of liner installation and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. We have integrated our abilities by devising cutting edge testing and quality control techniques.

The skills, knowledge and devotion of our team are our most important asset. Their innovative ideas are leading the way into the future of installation and testing of geosynthetics.

We provide our customers with products and services specially tailored to meet their needs and to optimize their money value. Our strategic partners and suppliers share with us our values of quality, innovation, and reliability.

Arenco Environmental Construction and Consultants is the exclusive representative of all products of Nortene and Engepol of Brazil.

The products range from: geomembranes, geocomposites, geonets, geogrids, geotextiles, safety nets, safety barriers and agricultural films and nets. Kindly visit our website for specifications and details of the above products.

Arenco supplies, installs and tests geosynthetics. We offer very competitive prices, quality, and service.

Arenco Environmental Construction and Consultants provides several types of services related to geosynthethics installation in accordance with a strict QA/QC procedure. Some of the applications of geosynthetics:

The proper element in the proper functioning of a landfill containment system is the liner. The use of geomembranes on the bottom and sides of a landfill as an integrated leachate collection system has been considered necessary for many years.
Polyethylene geomembrane, resistant to most wastes, is used as an impermeable, flexible barrier to prevent interaction of landfill moisture with contaminated wastes to form leachate, which could have unwanted variable characteristics. Polyethylene is used in hazardous and non-hazardous landfills.

Canal lining:
As clean water becomes more expensive to acquire, the need for secure water containment grows. Over time, concrete line canals may crack, resulting in a significant loss of water.

High density polyethylene geomembrane provides an effective and economical solution to canal leakage and erosion problems. Geomembrane canals may be left uncovered (exposed) or may be protected with a covering of solid or concrete. The UV-stabilised geomembranes can remain exposed for an extended length of time with no expected decline in their level of performance.

HDPE geomembranes can improve concrete stability during its placement on slopes by increasing the friction between the liner and the concrete subgrade.

Aquacultural lining:
Ponds, tanks and raceways used for fish and shrimps can be greatly improved by the use of highly impermeable, durable, HDPE geomembrane lining system. HDPE geomembranes offer significant operation and cost benefits over soil, clay, concrete and steel in aquacultural applications.

These benefits include secure water containment, enhanced water quality control, erosion protection, dissolved oxygen level control, smooth harvesting surface, long life, and easy repair.

Tank lining:
For primary tank linings, secondary containment, leak detection systems, ringwall and retrofits, HDPE lining membrane meets a wide range of tank application needs. Numerous industrial and municipal users have relied on these materials, technology in vital applications such as secure segregation of hydrocarbons and chemical media, corrosion proofing of concrete, steel and other surfaces.

HDPE geomembranes have been installed inside steel and concrete tanks of all dimensions to preserve ageing tanks and to protect the tank walls from corrosion.

HDPE geomenbrane liners are typically utilised for leak detection systems inside the ringwall or retrofit. The liner contains and channels leak liquid to a leak detection sump. From small tanks to entire tank farms, the secondary containment area is a critical component of tank lining protection.

Reservoirs and ponds:
A major use of polyethylene geomembrane is in the area of liquid containment. The geomembrane acts as a pond liner to prevent containments from entering ground water sources or stream. In addition, the geomembrane prevents seepage loss thereby conserving millions of gallons of water annually in water applications.

Tunnel lining, foundation protection, shore protection, roads, pipe protection, slope stabilisation, agricultural greenhouses…

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