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Consulting Engineering Center    

Consulting Engineering Center (CEC) is an international firm of consulting engineering established in Amman, Jordan in 1974.

CEC boasts 210 professionals dedicated to the application of the latest engineering technologies and services.

CEC is an independent, integrated engineering consulting firm, with national and international activities having its head office in Jordan and branches in:

- Yemen
- Palestine
- Lesotho

CEC is classified as Consulting Engineering Firm with Class A Certification by the Jordanian Engineers Association.

Fields of specialisation

CEC’s scope of work covers:
1. Technical assistance
2. Feasibility studies
3. Engineering designs
4. Construction supervision and management
5. Quality control
6. Cost recovery systems setup as well as institutional strengthening
7. Training

Additionally, CEC’s scope of work covers the fields related to:

1. Transportation
- Airports and air transport
- Bridges
- Highways and road transport
- Pipelines
- Subways
- Tunnels
- Maintenance of highways

2. Industry
- Cement plants
- Phosphate storage
- Economic planning and studies
- Wastewater tariff
- Water tariff
- Training

3. Water and environment
- Water supply
- Water distribution
- Water storage
- Pumping stations
- Wastewater collection
- Wastewater treatment
- Wastewater disposal
- Storm water drainage
- Solid waste collection
- Solid waste treatment
- Environmental impact assessment

4. Materials, geotechnical & Q.C.
- Aggregate testing
- Concrete testing
- Asphalt testing
- Soils testing
- Concrete and asphalt mix designs
- Geotechnical investigations
- Civil works quality control

5. Public utilities and related fields
- Dams
- Drainage
- Heating, ventilating, air conditioning
- Industrial utilities
- Mining

6. Agriculture and natural resources
- Irrigation and flood control
- Land and water feasibility studies
- Livestock
- Grain handling and storage facilities
- Slaughterhouses

CEC is also able to provide comprehensive consulting services in agronomy, hydrogeology, economics and law for the efficient development and completion of any major project in the above-mentioned fields of specialisation.

CEC’s vision
To excel in providing quality-engineering services and to become one of the leading consulting firms in the Middle East, Asia and Africa for Water, Environment and Transportation projects.

CEC & ISO 9001
CEC is ISO 9001: 2000 registered company, on which CEC was the first consulting engineering company in Jordan and Middle East to be certified ISO 9001: 1994 by International Accredited Certification Body (BVQI) in 1996 and then it was upgraded to ISO 9001: 2000 in 2002. CEC was registered as the eighteenth Jordanian Company to a quire an ISO 9000 certificate in Jordan and confirmed by Jordan Quality Society.

CEC overseas
CEC has been involved in the study, analysis, design and construction supervision of numerous projects in more than 25 countries spanning several regions:
- Middle East
- Africa
- Asia
- Europe

For more information, please visit our website:

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