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Danish Camp Supply    

Danish Camp Supply provides multi-purpose camps for offshore, onshore, civilian or military use worldwide. Our turnkey solutions are based on a design, build, operate and dismantle concept encompassing the entire life-cycle. We can supply a basic camp, or specific to customers' exact requirements.

Further, from our comprehensive catalogue we can offer stand alone camp units such as accommodation, toilets, showers, laundries, kitchens and all furnishings and equipment. As a means of assuring reliable and high quality products and solutions Danish Camp Supply has been certificated to ISO 9001:2000.

Turnkey camps
Danish Camp Supply offers professional assistance in the setting up and operation of turnkey camps by supplying high quality products and services in the field and often in remote mission areas. This allows our customers to focus on their mission and core business even in areas where conditions are difficult.

Temporary buildings
Medium or long term temporary building facilities are supplied in the shape of tents, pre-fabricated containers or pre-fabricated buildings. All types are modular and thereby adaptable to future changes in camp size and configuration. We supply all types of facilities, e.g. living units, kitchen and dining halls, office blocks, welfare areas, medical units, etc.

Facility management
Danish Camp Supply undertakes operation of all basic camp functions including catering, cleaning, shops (duty free), technical services, maintenance, etc. We also contract for all supplies of food, consumer goods and merchandise for the shops. The designated staff is made up of skilled supervisors and technicians in a combination of local staff and expatriates.

Through our own supply chains and through cooperation with our extensive network of suppliers and transport agencies Danish Camp Supply is able to deal with logistical tasks in a fast and flexible manner. In order to ensure timely supplies at competitive prices we prefer to place ourselves as close to our customers as possible.

Emergency relief
Based on our logistic network Danish Camp Supply has specialised in fast deliveries of essential supplies such as tents, jerry cans, food and drinking water for emergency and disaster situations. Our customers include International Red Cross, UN, USAID and many more. Furthermore we offer mine clearing equipment and election material for post-conflict purposes.

CLT (Container Load Trailer)
For the mobilisation of containers Danish Camp Supply has developed and patented the CLT, a combined handling and transport unit usable for all ISO containers and shelters.

Danish Camp Supply was founded in 1987 by the Fossing family and has since then accumulated substantial experience in support of camps worldwide. Especially projects with NATO and UN troops in the Middle East, in Central Europe and in the Balkans have contributed to the development of viable products, services and concepts. Projects have also been carried out in Africa and in other parts of the world, for private contractors, for NGOs and for governments.

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