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Douglas Metal Finishing

Douglas is one of the leading metal finishing companies in UK. The company's management team has over 80 years of experience between it. We believe that our customers have a right to the highest possible standards of quality and service. This is reflected in everything we do, from single items through to major projects from multinational companies.

The minute you call us, you will know that you are dealing with a professional company. We can advise you on any aspect of electro plating and metal finishing. Our friendly and experienced staff will ensure that each order is fully monitored and controlled from start to finish.

Massive investment in the latest technology enables us to offer a wide range of finishes. Our pearl nickel plant means that we can offer satin effect in nickel, chrome or any of our four shades of gold.

Despite advances in technology, we still insist that all orders are individually handled by one of our fully trained craftsmen. This allows us to inspect every item during processing. Only when we are satisfied that each component is finished to the highest possible standard will we pass it to our packaging department. Here each item is carefully and securely wrapped in its own clearly labelled packaging, ready for shipping. We do not rely on random checks. At Douglas each and every product is minutely checked again before we allow it to leave.

We offer the following finishes:

- Polished chrome
- Polished nickel
- Bright nickel
- Gold
- Incalux
- Incaloy
- Antique gold
- New gold
- Brushed chrome
- Pearl chrome

- Brushed nickel
- Satin nickel
- Satin chrome
- Satin gold
- Satin incalux
- Satin incaloy
- Satin new brass
- Satin new gold
- Satin antique gold
- Pearl nickel

For more information, please visit our web site:

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