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ECC - Engineering, construction, and environmental remediation solutions

ECC …20 years of vision, integrity, and results

ECC delivers engineering, construction, and environmental remediation solutions to the challenges facing government and commercial organizations worldwide. We turn our clients’ visions into realities through listening, leveraging our expertise and acting in their best interests. ECC, founded in 1985 has 475 professionals located in 14 offices worldwide.

Core Competencies:

Engineering and Technical Services: Site assessment, engineering and architectural design, system optimization, compliance and P2, GeoBase and GIS, innovative technologies, value analysis, and community relations.

Construction Services: Construction management, conventional design/build, civil works, power generation and distribution systems, water/wastewater treatment plants, utility networks, and historic restoration.

Environmental Remediation Services: Full-service removal, remediation, and site restoration services using a broad range of treatment technologies.

Thermal Treatment Services: Indirect and direct thermal remediation, including pilot studies, regulatory compliance, system design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Munitions Response Services: Munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) management, identification, remediation, avoidance, escort, removal, and disposal; as well as underwater investigation and removal.

Closure Services: Radiological engineering, investigation, characterization, and monitoring; mixed, toxic, hazardous, and low-level radioactive waste management; decontamination, dismantlement, and demolition; health physics, regulatory negotiation, and site closure.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services: Evaluation and selection of remedial technologies; system evaluation, design, construction, optimization, startup, and O&M; and regulatory permitting.

Transforming Our Clients’ Visions into Realities

In today’s fast-paced market, clients turn to firms who can offer lasting, innovative design-build solutions on accelerated schedules without compromising safety or quality. ECC and its wholly owned subsidiary, ECC International, LLC (ECCI), have built a reputation for exceptional work on complex, fast-track engineering and construction projects. Our personnel are continuously engineering new and innovative solutions to perform work more quickly, streamline quality and safety standards, decrease costs and schedule, and maximize client satisfaction. ECC’s safety record is among the best in the industry. In 2004, our experience modification rate (EMR) ranked 75 percent below the building construction industry’s EMR and 77 percent below that of the heavy construction industry.

Empowering Local Firms to Reconstruct Iraq’s Infrastructure

Our project personnel are deeply committed to engaging and mentoring the Iraqi workforce in rebuilding their country. With the support of an extensive network of vendors and major Iraqi subcontractors, we are designing, constructing, and renovating entire military bases, schools, and other facilities, as well as water and wastewater treatment plants, power generation plants, and distribution grids.

Our success as an engineering and construction contractor in Iraq stems from our mobility, resources, and relationships. We are extremely mobile in unstable and potentially hostile environments, and are backed by a team of highly trained security personnel and armored vehicles.

Through well-developed relationships with the local sheiks, government officials, ministries, and local subcontractors, we quickly respond when establishing life support camps, conducting site assessments, mobilizing personnel, and transferring materials within Iraq and joining countries.

Because our senior management live and work outside the international zone in Baghdad, we can respond to clients’ needs immediately. In addition to our expatriate and local staff, we have 24-hour state-side support and a large pool of professionals ready for worldwide mobilization.

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