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ELBA Twin-Shaft Compulsory Mixer EMDW 3000

The Twin-Shaft Compulsory Mixer EMDW 3000 allows an output of 3m3 of compacted concrete per batch and completes the line of the ELBA mixers. The basic part of the mixer is the ELBA-mixing spiral, well proved for decades, consequently used and now in a double pack.

It is self-evident that the EMDW 3000 is also equipped with the well known wearing tiles of the ELBA mixers without bolts for a time-saving exchange.

The new developed discharge technique (the two discharge flaps are mounted at the lowest part of the mixer trough) ensures a nearly complete discharge of the mixer.

The EMDW is mounted in the ELBA mixing plant EBC 130 or delivered as a single mixer. The compact and space-saving construction is also perfectly suitable for the cost-effective mounting into already existing concrete plants.

The EMDW has proved its efficiency by detailed tests with the IBU (Institute for Construction Methodes and Environment Techniques) of the University of Trier/Germany. The tests have been carried out according to DIN 459/Part 2 as well as RILEM TC 150-ECM. The subjects of the test have been different sorts of concrete, as well as self-compacting concrete. The test result - a high performance mixer - underlines once again the excellent efficiency of the ELBA-mixing system:

A system to produce homogenious concrete within a short time and permanently economical.

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