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Eurohouse d.o.o. - a member of the Shelbox S.r.l. Group - is a Croatian company involved in the production and assembly of mobile homes. In our production program we also offer prefabricated structures and shelters and are present in the tourism and civil construction sectors. We are capable to undertake complex projects in construction/manufacturing with assembly on national territory or abroad.

Sectors of activity

1. Mobile homes - The production of mobile homes is aimed mainly at camping structures. The mobile homes are in fact complete accommodation units, fully furnished, fitted with electricity, water and air-conditioning systems. Constructed utilising insulating materials, they are designed according to company criteria (internal products) or according to specific customer requirements (custom-built product).

2. Prefabricated structures - The prefabrication sector deals with monoblock and containerised structures, modular units to be erected on site, both to standard dimensions and to specific customer requirements. Among other projects (design and construction) are covered markets, laboratories, buildings for schools, offices, dormitories, canteens and sanitary facilities.

3. Shelters - The design and construction of shelters for the specific requirements of the technical installations is an important sector in the company. We are able to provide housing of high technology equipment for companies operating in sectors of electric transformer panels, telecommunications and
environmental monitoring. Shelters can be specially designed to house and protect, in any type of environment, all manner of equipment, machinery, plants and instruments. Shelter typology is extremely versatile and varies according to specific customer requirements.

4. Mobile refrigerated units - We are able to design and construct a shelter which exploits the passive refrigeration process with the aim of conservation of perishable goods and products.

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