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Fluor and AMEC plc have teamed together on various project opportunities worldwide. This teaming relationship led to the formation of FluorAMEC, LLC, a company focused on delivering a full range of services within the country of Iraq. FluorAMEC is a recognized leader of engineering, procurement, and construction services worldwide. Together we bring the stability and leverage of combined corporate revenue in excess of US$15 billion. The collective strength of regional experience, outstanding services, and in-place resources positions FluorAMEC to support clients in completing commercial, industrial, infrastructure, oil and gas, environmental, telecommunications, and power projects in Iraq.

Each company has worked with clients in the Middle East for more than 50 years, including Iraq, completing more than 820 projects valued at US$249 billion. We bring the global strength of more than 75,000 technical experts and industry professionals to design, manage, and successfully execute complex, multi-faceted projects requiring rapid-response in geographically remote regions.

Currently, we have more than 5,000 experienced personnel in the Middle East — many with Arabic language skills. We have contract protocols in place with large regional contractors, a database of qualified subcontractors, and access to more than US$40 million in prepositioned and locally owned heavy equipment.

FluorAMEC has restoration contracts totaling $1.6 billion for design-build services in two sectors. The Electricity New Power contract provides design-build services for construction, rehabilitation operation and maintenance of power generation facilities throughout Iraq.

The Public Works Water, both North and South contracts, were also awarded to FluorAMEC. On a nationwide basis, FluorAMEC provides design-build construction services for the rehabilitation of existing, and construction of new, potable water distribution and treatment systems, municipal sewer collection and treatment systems, and solid waste management systems throughout Iraq.

Additional projects and services being performed for U.S. government clients in Iraq include procurement, logistics, equipment sourcing, construction services, life support, and operations and maintenance for U.S. military activities.

The goal of FluorAMEC is to assist Iraq in rebuilding its infrastructure, expanding employment opportunities for Iraqi citizens, and continuing to build a strong and stable economy for the people of Iraq.

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