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Hart GMSSCO    

Hart GMSSCO was founded in July 1999 by Lord Richard Westbury in order to provide security solutions to companies facing widely differing situations around the world. Using a lifetime of experience in Conventional and Special Forces, as well as those gained as one of the founding members of Defense Systems Ltd, Lord Westbury has gathered together a dedicated team of professionals who are all experts in their field.

As a result of this combined expertise, Hart GMSSCO is now a global risk management services business expressly designed to provide strategic security solutions and services on land and sea to government, humanitarian, corporate and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in an increasingly dangerous and volatile world.

With both maritime and land security departments, the company provides its clients with personnel of the highest quality drawn from the UK’s combined military services and commercial maritime industry. With this background, Hart GMSSCO combines detailed knowledge of security systems with a proven background in all aspects of security but also understanding the commercial realities which shape the clients requirements.

Hart GMSSCO is currently the largest security company operating in Southern Iraq, employing highly professional internationals and Iraqi nationals. To date, Hart GMSSCO’s clients have included a number of international reconstruction companies, including Perini, Washington, Parsons, Bechtel, KEC, Fluor, Shaw and ABB, throughout much of Iraq.

Hart is able to offer its clients the following services in Iraq:

Close protection
Hart GMSSCO is able to provide teams to support total, country-wide projects, or one-off tasks for companies and individuals wishing to visit sites or conduct meetings. Throughout, our aim is to allow our clients to conduct business in as normal a fashion as possible.

Convoy protection
Hart GMSSCO is able to offer efficient and cost effective protection to convoys throughout the whole of Iraq including long moves and overnight stays in secure accommodation.

Static guards
Hart GMSSCO is currently providing security to facilities and camps ranging in size from five acres to several hundred acres and from one building to several houses or offices.

Local force raising and training
Hart GMSSCO is probably the leading player in terms of both recruiting and training of Iraqi national personnel; we currently employ approximately 1,500 Iraqi nationals. This invaluable workforce sets Hart GMSSCO apart from its competitors, both in terms of our relationship with local communities across the country and the intelligence the workforce and communities provide us.

Risk analysis and reports
For companies looking to start work in Iraq or to expand current operations, Hart GMSSCO is able to provide in depth analysis of the problems they are likely to face including both commercial and security related information.

Hart GMSSCO’s headquarters is in Cyprus with a key operational hub in London and is currently running operations across Europe, North and South America, Russia, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Over the past five years Hart GMSSCO personnel have assisted over 150 clients in over 80 countries.

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