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H. Mahmood J. Al-Bunnia & Sons Co.  

HMBS is one of the oldest and well-known names in Iraq and the Middle East. Founded in 1910, the company has done business uninterruptedly in Iraq since then. The company self finance its operations and accordingly has no borrowings. It is renowned for its trading expertise and its strong presence in the business circles of the Arab world. HMBS has various activities in different economic sectors including agriculture, food processing, marketing and distribution of consumer goods, construction, industrial services, transportation, and information technology.

The company’s facilities, premises, factories and warehouses are distributed all around the country and are all connected with each other via a backbone satellite system for controlling and monitoring. Furthermore, HMBS has developed a sophisticated distribution network to distribute its own products. This network covers 70 per cent of the Iraqi population. Its annual revenues from operations in Iraq are estimated at $200 million. HMBS' continuously focused and targeted expansion in Iraq is mainly attributed to the respect and stability political neutrality that the Al-Bunnia has fostered among the Iraqi community over the past century. HMBS employs more than 6,500 employees from various ages, beliefs, ethnics, and tribes.

The company’s mission is to provide the Iraqi market with an extensive portfolio of quality sanitary ware and tiles that would match and respond to people’s different lifestyles. Additionally, HMBS intends to play an active role in Iraq’s construction projects as part of its aim to help the prosperity of the new Iraq and its society and contributing towards the development of its economy.

The company will capitalise on its efforts to develop itself in terms of environment, brand recognition and penetration, development, operations, support, services, sales/trade, quality and administration. It will operate as a profit centre and will strive to achieve and attain the best customer satisfaction, high sales volume and undertake all needed investments to ensure the success of Villeroy & Boch in Iraq.

To become the leading trading company for Sanitary Ware and ceramic Tiles in Iraq and maintain its market status, exceed the expectations of its various stakeholders, achieve long-term stable growth in terms of sales, marketing and service, build and win people’s confidence, and establish a lifetime relationship with customer through personalised and high quality service standards and by encouraging and promoting the use of its devoted brands.

HMBS is currently well diversified into a number of fields and activities. Historically, whenever HMBS has faced a challenge or a road block as dictated by severe economic/political situations, such as changes in political regimes five times since the establishment of the new Iraq in the last century, the company has looked within to overcome, succeed and respond by vertically expanding its business line to maintain independence and control to best serve customers.

This intense goal-oriented focus remains the central part of the company’s fabric.

Hence, HMBS has undergone corporate restructuring that will focus on construction projects that need sanitary ware tiles and other interior finishing materials and create a company that is mainly supporting construction materials mentality driven.
Accordingly, the company has entered into alliances through multiple joint ventures with leading international players (Villeroy & Boch, Grohe, Astral pool, Jacuzzi and others) for achieving the dual aim of creating independent business entities that will reduce the diversity in the current HMBS activities and bridge the gap of managing such business entities based on the latest business models.

HMBS believes in Iraq as one united country and will not support any policy of separation or distinction between nations, tribes, and religion. This belief is illustrated by the spread of our facilities and activities all around the country and by introducing the culture of mutual and shared benefits to the people who live around HMBS facilities and through the diversity of HMBS staff who are recruited from the same nation, tribe, and/or religion to manage and operate one of the related activities.

HMBS has a strong commitment to employ and invest heavily in developing the human resources with a special emphasis on succession planning and availability of Shadow teams. The company’s staff will be recruited mainly from Iraq.

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