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Iraqi Consultants & Construction Bureau (ICCB)  

Iraqi Consultants & Construction Bureau (ICCB) is a well established company in Iraq, with its headquarters located in Baghdad and main support offices in Amman and Geneva. It has now established an office in Arbil due to its current and future involvement in operations within Kurdistan.

ICCB was founded to partake and to prominently participate in the extensive rehabilitation programme which Iraq needs and is experiencing. It has an excellent record of achievement in the infrastructure reconstruction process within Iraq.

It has a unique mixture of Iraqi professional and business expatriates combined with local engineers and workforce. This combination lends itself a professional, versatile and dedicated approach that applies to all projects which ICCB undertakes.

Since its inception in 2003, ICCB has undergone rapid growth and expansion and currently employs 60 local engineers plus 200 supporting staff. This expansion is still ongoing.

ICCB is a self-contained type of engineering organisation. Its construction power as well as inhouse design ability makes it capable of undertaking design-and-build projects. A further asset, which ICCB is proud of, is its engineering division. The organisation maintains a strong and complete self-sufficient engineering department, encompassing civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical and systems engineering. All the aforementioned disciplines will have their own specialities in order to cover every aspect of a particular project.

Information technology, self-supported CAD and materials procurement divisions have been created to assist the engineers in the design and execution of the projects. This, by itself, offers that client an advantage by being able to specify the project in its entirety and not rely on multiple sub-projects.

ICCB’s fruitful involvement in Iraq has been from the outset of the reconstruction programme. It started in the successful rehabilitation of 75 schools, within an ambitious schedule in order to meet the start of the (2003-2004) academic year. It has since completed a 400kV overhead tower line reconstruction at Baghdad-South and Baghdad-East, and also the reconstruction of the Dibis to Arbil 132kV lines.

It is also heavily involved in setting-up a work-camp for refurnishing Baghdad International Airport with modern communication and instrumentation equipment. Though ICCB recognises the technology gap of the local workforce, it does not allow itself to be deterred from its mission. ICCB’s approach in the rehabilitation programme is to marry fruitfully the varied expertise it possesses, effectively combining it with the community in order to involve it in the project. Hence, it endeavours to use these reconstruction projects as a platform for bringing in new technology into the Iraqi professional and workforce circles to expedite the transfer of technology. An example of this is, because of ICCB's involvement in overhead line projects, that it has acquired its own stringing equipment and machinery and it is now considered the only fully qualified Iraqi operator.

Another side of ICCB’s participation and role in the rehabilitation programme is to serve the local community where a particular project is taking place. ICCB has donated several schools and clinics to several local villages.

These projects and the approach, with which ICCB conducts itself in performing them, have a major influence on the development of Iraq. ICCB considers them to be important factors for the benefit and the progress of this development, apart from being professionally rewarding.

ICCB turnover in the last six months has been in excess of $60 million.

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