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International Security and Surveillance Limited

People are now conscious of the risk that is involved when security procedures or regimes are inadequate. Probably for the first time in modern history the majority, for now, accept the need for private security arrangements to protect themselves, their families, employees, property and their workplace. International Security and Surveillance Limited is in the final stages of ISI accreditation and is owned by ex-Special Air Service regiment operatives. The company's directors and management all have forces backgrounds from British Special forces units to police and government services.

All ISS staff are experienced and qualified; between them their expertise span from exotic VIP protection and surveillance to the more everyday vehicles/trunking escorts, static and mobile guards and vehicle tracking.

ISS executives are BAA signatories of the airside pass scheme and our drivers are airside pass-driver permit holders. ISS have been aware of the importance of a safe environment for people to work/rest/play without the fear of crime, and the need to have peace of mind, enabling everyone to enjoy life and to be more efficient and productive at work.

We at ISS have concentrated our efforts in providing professionally trained and qualifield security officers. All are from a disciplined background; armed forces, police and other uniformed services. Coupled with this we support our clients and staff with a concise quality management scheme to ensure there is no decline of our high standard of service.

Any expansion of a commercial enterprise will result in a growth of risks imposed by crime. ISS is not about volume; as a privately-owned company, with no shareholders to maintain, we concentrate our efforts in only recruiting from a specific pool of candidates who are either from a service background or from those that have several years experience in the security industry. All are trained prior to deploying to a site and additionally must take part in an induction period, and are not left to operate independently unless they reach the required standard. The key to ISS success in the provision of contracted security services is its ability to combine the use of dedicated manpower with the best available technology. Our patrol vehicles are all high performance 4x4s, fully equipped with video surveillance equipment and can be remotely monitored by cellular network to any laptop.

Our operation staff use the latest satellite tracking systems to monitor or search for trunking/commercial companies' vehicle movements or for the tracking high-value goods and performance-private cars.

All our personnel - whether on a static guard point or on a mobile task - are issued with the latest international digital radios, which also have an integrated cellular facility. This gives our people the ability to communicate with our 24-hour control centre no matter where they are deployed and a one-button fast dial mobile telephone call to a predetermined number such as the local authorities. It is this innovation that we believe sets us apart from most other security companies.

Since 11 September 2001 the awareness of security has increased tenfold, especially within the aviation world. The forecast growth could mean that the aviation economy is in a new era. However, as we have seen one lapse in security can turn all this success around. Although one hundred per cent security cannot be absolutely guaranteed, a lot can be done by companies to improve current procedures and practices to ensure that they are doing all that is humanly and technically possible to ensure they are safe and secure.

It is often said that security advice is best from those that are independent and not biased to any faction within an organisation. ISS have the experience and expertise to give such advice in the form of security audits and surveys.

Finally, ISS aims to provide the client with professional quality security services designed to suit their own particular requirements. Whether a major air carrier or companies providing services in the aviation and associated industries from construction, transport, storage, freight, retail, administrative, hotel or other supporting businesses.

It would be easy to slip back to lethargic attitudes of the past, but we intend to continue maintaining our high standards.

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