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Jahshan Engineering & Construction Co.    

Jahshan Engineering & Construction Co. ( JECC ) in addition to execution of construction projects , has been committed to serving the region’s industrial equipment demands focusing on the below sectors:

1. Oil & gas
2. Chemicals & Petrochemicals
3. Fertilizers
4. Power Generation
5. Cement & Mining
6. Steel Industry

Since its establishment 1991, JECC has grown to encompass a wealth of international suppliers’ partnerships, hence meeting the regions needs with a vast variety of industrial products.

Our activities mainly cover the Jordanian, Iraqi, and Syrian markets and we have placed the utmost importance to understanding the specific customers’ technical needs within these markets, hence supplying them accordingly. Through our commitment to best meet our customer’s needs, JECC has gained a trusted name amongst both the public and private sectors within these markets.

Below are some of our product ranges :

Heat Transfer Equipments
- Cooling towers ( Large and package units )
- Heat exchangers such as Economizers, Air preheaters, Air coolers, Air condensers, Tank heating coils, Steam coils, Shell and tube heat exchangers.
- De-pollution equipment such as Gas scrubbers and Bag filters.
- Finned tubes for any kind of heat exchangers, offering many material and fin type options.

Automation & Instrumentation
- Pressure and Temperature switches and transmitters , Differential Pressure switches, Differential Pressure gauges
- Natural Gas Chromatographs
- Dew Point Testers
- Natural Gas Moisture Analyzers
- Ranarex Gravitometers
- UGC Vibrating Densitometers
- Complete Control Solutions such as Speed, Turbine, On/Off Highway, Marine Controls, Analogue and Digital Control Systems, Governors, Synchronizers, Load Sharing, Actuators. In addition to other related engineering services
- Indicators , Regulators , Programmers , Data Loggers , Recorders , Controllers
- Tachometers

Fuel Management Systems
- Positive Displacement meters, Turbine meters and controls
- Loading Arms & Fuel Skids

Process Equipments & Refinery Units
- Reactors, Vessels, heat exchangers, columns, etc. LPG tanks, storage tanks, Process Equipment, Pressure Vessels, Agitators and mixers , desalters ,… ETC

- Refractory Material & Bricks

Pipes , Fittings and valves
- Pipes , Fittings , plates and sheets and valves All grades and sizes
- Clamp and coupling products ( Repairing , Jointing , Tapping Pipes )
- All types of Mechanical Seal

Turbines , Pumps and boilers
- Submersible pumps
- Industrial Pumps
- Process , chemical and heavy duty Pumps
- Boiler Circulating Pumps
- Turbines
- Motors And Diesel Generators
- Blowers
- Compressors

- Catalysts
- Support Catalysts
- Alumina Products
- Gas Purification
- Specialty Chemicals
- Demisters & Separators
- Coalescers
- Filters
- Wire Mesh, Saddles & Rings

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