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Al-Kasid Group

Al-Kasid Group of companies was established in Baghdad, Iraq and currently has branches across the UAE, Jordan, the UK, Germany and Egypt. The company is headed by Mr Mouwafak A. Jamil, the group's chairman. We are highly experienced in the field of construction and in various business activities. Our group consists of nine companies as below:

1. Al-Kasid Engineering & General Contracts Company
2. Al-Kasid Specialised Vehicles Trading Company
3. Al-Kasid Commercial Agencies Company
4. Eldani Motors Company
5. Al-Kasid Steel & Wood Trading Company
6. Al–Kasid Shipping and Marine Services Company Ltd
7. Al-Kasid General Trading - Jebel Ali Free Zone
8. Al-Kasid Group (UK) Limited
9. Engineering, Law & Administration Services (ELAS)

We have outstanding relations with the new government of Iraq and the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), particularly through our sister company Al-Kasid Specialised Vehicles Trading Company, which has handled many CPA tenders and has already supplied them with more than 1,500 vehicles (saloon, commercial and army vehicles) and still has a number of other tenders. We have also supplied the Iraqi ministries - according to the MoU contracts - with more than 15,000 units of passenger and commercial vehicles, along with supplying the local market with different kind of vehicles and spare parts.

Al-Kasid Engineering & General Contracts is qualified to work in many governorates and cities, in which it has had significant experience, such as Baghdad, Mosul, Ramadi, Baqubaa, Kut, Aummarah, Basra, Naserieh, Hella, Kurkuk and other governorates and private sectors. We have undertaken many construction projects with Iraqi ministries and PVT sectors and will continue our service in helping the Commonwealth Commission in its ongoing cemetery reconstruction program in Iraq.

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