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Powertecnique -
Builders and installers of generator and UPS systems worldwide

Powertecnique has been providing stand-by power solutions and related products and services to both the UK and international markets for over 14 years. Based in Portsmouth, UK, the company exports its products and services throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the US and the Middle East, and is currently supplying power systems into Iraq.

Working within the construction industry, Powertecnique supplies products to all key market sectors including:

- Defence
- Manufacturing
- Telecommunications
- Pharmaceuticals
- Finance
- Retail
- Health
- Transport
- Nuclear
- Utilities

Powertecnique supply, install, commission and maintain high integrity power systems anywhere in the world.

Power products

Powertecnique are specialist builders of UPS and generator systems for critical power applications and harsh environments. Specialising in the design of low and high voltage systems rated from 5kVA to 10MVA, Powertecnique supply a comprehensive range of power products based around UPS, generators, DC systems, inverters and associated switchgear.

Our generator and UPS systems are designed and built to be delivered as total turnkey packages or can be supplied as a single product for installation by the client.


Powertecnique design and build standard and customised power solutions to meet the requirements of client specific project demands. Powertecnique continuously look to both the UK and international markets to evaluate the latest technologies, products and practices which can then be utilised within our own designs. Engineers can advise clients on the procurement, design and integration of all major power scheme components, ensuring that the most appropriate equipment is selected for the application and all key components are matched for ratings, performance and environmental conditions.

Project management

Powertecnique’s project management department is experienced in managing all aspects of system delivery and installation both in the UK and overseas. They control all aspects of the project, ensuring that each stage is carefully managed and that items are built and tested within the agreed time frames and successfully delivered to the site.

Installation and commissioning

The project manager assigned will be on site to manage the project when the system is delivered. Powertecnique provide a complete installation package encompassing all the site works from off loading and positioning of equipment, system integration, through to final system test and hand-over.

All electrical, mechanical and civil works can be managed by Powertecnique simplifying the management and control of the interrelated disciplines required to install large power schemes. We are highly experienced in managing the logistical demands of delivering and installing comprehensive power schemes in both UK and non-UK locations.

Service support

Planned maintenance and emergency support is vital to maintaining system integrity. Powertecnique Global Service maintains generator and UPS systems both in the UK and internationally.

Dependent on the equipment’s location or client's preference, planned maintenance and emergency cover is provided either directly by Global Service or Powertecnique's authorised local agent.

The client only needs to contact Powertecnique’s 24-hour service line to receive the appropriate service support for any item of equipment supplied within the overall power scheme.

Quality and commitment

A dedicated QA department ensures that all Powertecnique’s business activities are operated within a total quality environment. Powertecnique’s systems are accredited to ISO9001 and manufactured products to ISO9000. All products supplied by Powertecnique are built in accordance with the latest engineering and environmental legislation applicable to the region in which the equipment is to be operated.

Powertecnique is a member of the Association of Manufacturers of Power Generator Systems (AMPS). Membership ensures legislative compliance and the maintenance of high standards.

Contact us

Whether you are specifying or purchasing standby power systems, contact Powertecnique, a company committed to the promotion of engineering excellence worldwide.

For more information, please visit our web site:

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