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SCIMO B.V. - European Representatives

SCIMO B.V. was established in 1989 by its owner Ing. P.J. van Hoogstraten after being employed by Saudi Aramco in the position of inspection engineer from 1981 till 1986. Mr Van Hoogstraten is a metallurgical engineer (BSC), with significant experience in all types of NDE.

The company's goal is to provide representation, consultancy and quality assurance services in Europe on a profitable basis to the oil and gas, power generation, chemical and paper industries. Our company is mainly limited to Europe, with most of our customers located outside Europe.


- Performing procurement quality engineering by consulting on the purchase order description, its specifications and its quality requirements
- Providing European vendor sourcing and selection services on a basis of vendor QA system surveys
- Consulting services on QC requirements and the selection of inspection agencies
- Third party witnessing, vendor inspection, expediting, shipping assistance
- Status and progress reporting

We specialise in uncommon prototypes. Details of our portfolio are free and available at our website with a client database maintained and updated frequently.

Your case

- Having worked many months on a hardware specification, tailored to your specific needs
- Having reached finally agreement with a vendor, capable, commercially acceptable and promising to meet your delivery schedule
- Having placed the formal PO and finding out that actual manufacture is to take place in Europe
- Now you need local representation, in capable hands; you need 'eyes and ears' in Europe
- We are committed to informing you about quality and progress without delay on a one-to-one level, in order to ensure that your specific needs are met on time

Our case

- We work on a time and materials basis, strictly if and when needed
- Efficient one-to-one representation in Europe
- For single POs or the management of complete projects
- Customer satisfaction has been demonstrated; our customers stay with us


- SCIMO B.V. is not an inspection agency; we will work with you personally
- If dictated by the workload or plain efficiency, we can give consultation about: engaging qualified free lancing engineers whom we have met and witnessed at work; and the selection of a local inspection agency which activities we can monitor on your behalf

For more information, please visit our web site:

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