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Teekay Couplings Ltd    

Teekay Mechanical Pipe Couplings have been used extensively throughout the Middle East for more than 25 years. During this time we have supplied many major projects in the water, sewerage, gas, power and oil sectors. These include the supply of many large diameter couplings which were used for installing GRP sewer pipes in Basra and Baghdad during the 1980s.

Teekay Couplings are used to join or repair pipes made from steel, cast or ductile iron, concrete, asbestos cement, PVC, Polyethylene and Fiberglass.

They are readily available, competitively priced, in stainless or coated steel for all pipe sizes between 19mm to 4000mm diameter and, depending on diameter, are suitable for working pressures up to 25 bars.

Our product range comprises:

Teekay Hinged Repair Couplings

These wrap around the pipe to provide a fast and effective solution for repairing damaged or leaking pipes and pipe joints. They are quick and easy to fit and are designed to be installed under pressure so it is not necessary to close down the pipeline to make a repair. Teekay Repair Couplings operate at full mains pressure and provide a permanent solution to repairing water, oil or gas pipelines. They are also completely reusable if used as a temporary fitting.

Teekay Axiflex Couplings

For quickly joining any two pipes with the same outside diameter. Teekay Axiflex Couplings offer the installer considerable tolerances and flexibility and can even accommodate pipes that are out of round.

Teekay Stepped Couplings

For joining two pipes with different outside diameters. These can be used for cut in repairs, to replaced an old damaged pipe with a short section of new pipe, or they can be used for connecting new pipework to existing pipes when extending or modifying existing systems.

Teekay Flange Adaptors

For incorporating flanged valves, meters or fittings into a new or existing pipeline.

Teekay Axilock Couplings

A self anchoring coupling for joining steel, stainless steel, copper or iron pipes up to 16 inches (429mm diameter). Axilock Couplings are a fast and high performance alternative to welding or flanging and are used in areas where hot working is difficult and expensive. They are also available in a “Fire Proof” version for applications where fire resistance is essential.

Teekay Couplings Limited have a long and proven track record for supplying all types of projects in the Middle East. The quality of our products is second to none and our deliveries and service are fast and totally reliable. Because of this we are very keen to participate in the reconstruction program in Iraq. We would like to meet engineers and managers from water, power, gas utilities and oil companies as well as design engineers and contractors working in these sectors. Our products would also be of interest to local suppliers/ distributors of piping products.

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