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Treysan Prefabricated Steel Construction and Trade Corporation is an international company specialised in the production of temporary and permanent field accommodations, established in 1975 as a subsidary of IC Investment Holding and is one of the oldest companies of its kind.

Since its formation on 1975, Treysan has made a major contribution to its sector through technical innovations. As a result of this outstanding business concept, Treysan has successfully been rewarded with ISO 9000 Quality Assurance System Certificate, as a leading company in its sector in 1996. Treysan is located on 50.000 m² area in Ankara/ TURKEY; it has reached up to 300.000 m² annual capacity.

References for Treysan include:
- 8,000 man camp for PFD-TCO in Tengiz Kazakhstan (Second Generation Project)
- Camp facilities for the BTC project in Turkey (Punj lloyd- Limak Jv and Günsayil), and in Georgia (Petrofac)
- 5,000 accommodation container units for Iraq
- Temporary camp facilities for Enka-Bechtel Kazakhstan
- Camp facilities for GAMA for Ireland

Treysan has considerable experience in crises regions; providing full supply support to UN Forces in the Balkans, supplying immediate temporary accomodations for earthquake victims in Turkey, meeting the urgent demands of international aid organizations in African countries. This led Treysan to provide the quickest response to the requirements of the clients in these areas. Beginning from July 2004, Treysan also started manufacturing with high technology, using a fully cad-cam operated production line with non-welded frame connection technology.

Treysan will be pleased to address any projects in Middle East, CIS Countries, Balkans, Europe and ready to supply and deliver temporary and permanent field accommodations within a very short period. This period concept basically contains right engineering design and calculations, shortest manufacturing time, packing and transportation easiness, supervising services at assembly period, providing after sale services and keeping sufficient amount of materials in its warehouse upon received urgent demand.

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