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UFUK Pipe Industry & Trading Inc.  

Our company was established by Mahmut Öksüzoglu in 1960. Trading activities began with cold iron-work and it has been carried on its activities respectively in the fields of steel constructions, profile production, agriculture tools production and boring equipping pipes. Company obtained its institutional identity in 1999 in the name of Uyar Celik Sheet-Steel Pipes Profile Industry and Trading Ltd Co.

Executing chairman of the executive committee is Mahmut Öksüzoglu. In 2001 by signing a big project, Uyar Celik has started manufacturing spiral welded steel pipes under the trademark of UFUK in its plant which is in Sanliurfa Organized Industry Zone. So, it has broadened its product varieties.

Keeping up with the technological developments and market components in changing global competition environment our company strengthened its organization structures and substructures and changed its institutional law name as UFUK Pipe Industry & Trading Inc. on 03/06/04. Currently our company is carrying on its activity as an institutional formation.

At present time UFUK Spiral Pipe is serving in Sanliurfa that regarded as Gap’s (Southeastern Anatolia Project) pupil of eye by three different center; Center Industrial Estate, Evren Industrial estate and Organised Industry Zone.

Our present capacity is 40000 ton a year and we invest in various fields to increase this capacity. UFUK Pipe Industry & Trading Inc. is carrying on its manufacturing in total 46,000m2 areas (37,500m2 outdoor areas, 8,500 m2 indoor area) in Organised Industry Zone.

The usage fields of spiral welded steel pipes are; pilling pipes, irrigation pipes, line pipes, jute pipes, boring equipping pipes.

The study of the gas and petroleum pipe production is speedily continuing. We will be available for this type of pipes in the second quarter of 2005.

UFUK Pipe Industry & Trading Inc. feels honoured to create new employment opportunities in Southeastern Anatolia and meet needs of region and country’s people.

We have strong relations with the Middle Eastern countries and a big advantage because of our location. We are very close to the Middle Eastern market so we have relatively competitive prices.

Production specifications

Pipe type: Spiral welded steel pipe
Outside diameter: 219.1-1820.0mm
Wall thicknees: 4.0-18.0mm
Welding procedure: Helical seam submerged arc welding
Raw material: Hot rolled steel coil in accordance with required quality

Material grades: DIN 17100 - St 37-2, St 44-2
DIN EN 10025 - S 355 J2G3 etc.
Pipe length: 6.0 - 12.0m
Pipe ends: Beveled end
Annual capacity: 40.000 MT

Production standards

Water pipes: AWWA C 200 - DIN 2460 BS 534 - TS 1997
General purpose pipes: ASTM A 53 - DIN 1626 BS 3601
Pilling pipes: ASTM A 252
Bitumen and epoxy coating
Inside-outside coal - tar enamel coating: AWWA C 203 - BS 4164
Inside-outside bitumen coating: DIN 30673 - BS 4147
Inside-outside epoxy coating: AWWA C 210 - TS 5140ZZZ
Inside: Solvent free epoxy coating AWWA C 210 - TS 5140ZZZ
Outside: Polyethylene coating


Drilling and equipping pipes
Water transmission pipelines
Piling pipes
Industrial pipelines
Steel structures

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