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United Suppliers Your reliable partners in industrial, chemical and infrastructure engineering supplies

United Suppliers For Engineering Materials was established in 2000 to cater for the growing market need for construction, industrial and chemicals equipment, and supplies. We concentrate on quality competitive materials coupled with our professional and technical team in the ever changing and highly competitive technical environment of international heavy and light equipment supply.

Projects that we have been involved in include:


1. Power transmission
- Gears and gear motors
- Conveyor, transmission and special chains
- Coupling, clutches and inverters

2. Piping system and auxiliary
- All standard of black or galvanised steel pipes, welded and seamless
- Stainless steel pipes/welded and seamless
- Fittings, valves and repair clamps
- Plastic pipes of HDPE, UPVC, GRP, ABS and CPVC
- Ductile iron pipes, valves and fittings
- Water meters
- Manhole covers
- Brass and copper pipes with fittings
- Water and flow meters
- Manhole covers
- Expansion joints
- Steam traps

3. Power generators
- Steam boilers
- Industrial and commercial burners

4. Pumps
- Deep well submersible pumps
- Multi-stage pumps
- Sewage pumps
- Industrial pumps
- Fire fighting pumps

5. Testing and laboratory equipment
- Water treatment test equipment
- Thermometers and pressure gauges

6. Refractory materials
- Thermal bricks
- Castable materials
- Insulation materials

7. Steel materials
- Steel grinding balls
- Steel sheet, coils, bars and plates
- TIN plates
- Bolts and nuts

8. Soft materials
- Working gloves
- Safety shoes

9. Air treatment materials
- Sand filters
- Dust collector
- Air blowers
- Ventilating ducts

10. Earth moving equipments
- A-Z spare parts for E.M.E. (Komaatsu, Caterbillar, Volvo)
- A-Z spare parts for engines (construction equipment)

11. Miscellaneous
- Rubber and plastic hoses
- Carbon brushes
- Wells testing and control cameras
- Underground metals and cable detectors
- Incinerators
- Floating barrage and boats
- Gas well heads
- Overhead cranes
- Pipe coating materials
- Air compressors
- SF6 gas cylinders
- Gaskets
- Ball bearings
- Fluid level indicators and gauges


1. Water treatment chemicals
- Powder-activated carbon
- Ammonium nitrate
- Potassium iodize
- Ferric sulfate

2. Industrial chemicals
- Vanadium inhibitors and heavy fuel oil additives
- PVC, HDPE, LDPE powder emulsion and suspension pipes
- Anti corrosion, anti-scalene, anti-foam, corrosion inhibitor
- Tritium dioxide retile grade
- Demulsifier and glycol
- Drilling food agent
- Base oils, MVI and cracking catalysts
- Sulfuric acid
- Iron ore

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