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Valmont Industries, Inc.    

Valmont Industries, Inc. has leading market positions in highly engineered poles, towers, and structures for infrastructure development such as lighting and traffic, electric power transmission, wireless communication, as well as irrigation equipment to help improve the yields of agriculture and better manage the world’s fresh water resources. In addition, the company’s custom galvanising and coatings businesses provide value-added product opportunities and an expanded customer base.

Centre pivots
Frank Zyback hammered together the prototype centre pivot in 1947, and in 1954 he licensed his patent to Valmont founder Bob Daugherty. Valmont's engineers took Zyback's unit apart and rebuilt it again and again over the next several years to make it sturdier, taller and more reliable. By the early 1960s, according to Daugherty, Valmont had overcome most of the design and production problems.

Other improvements followed, each reinforcing Valmont's leadership role in this dynamic, young industry. Hot-dip galvanising was introduced, providing long-term corrosion protection. Since 1974, Valmont has built its own gearbox – the only company in the industry to do so – which other pivot systems utilize as a replacement part.

Valmont introduced the corner system in 1975 to assist in irrigation of square, rectangular, and oddshaped fields. Another development was the linear move system, which Valley pioneered in 1977. Unlike the center pivot, the linear travels straight down the field, making it the preferred mechanised system for long, rectangular fields and heavy soils. It has been particularly successful with the irrigation of grains, forages, fiber crops, vegetables, and vines.

Infrastructure products
Valmont began manufacturing steel pipe and tubing in 1959. "We found that it wasn't always easy to get the pipe we required when we needed it and at the right price. So we decided to make our own," Daugherty said. In the 1960s, Valmont's development and use of high-speed, resistance welding for tubular products led directly to 0the manufacturing of tapered tubes for outdoor lighting, traffic signals and other applications. A production line was designed which continually cut, formed and welded at high speeds and with very low labour requirements. Valmont expanded into the manufacturing of large tubular structures for the electrical utility industry during the 1970s.

International growth
Valmont began developing overseas markets in the early 1970s. Licensing agreements were established in Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. By the mid 1970s, Valmont had begun to capitalise on opportunities created as foreign governments sought to convert less efficient irrigation systems and develop arid regions. In time, substantial numbers of pivot and linear move systems were sold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, the People's Republic of China and Latin America. In response to growing demand in the international marketplace, the company formed a new company in Brazil in March 1997 to manufacture and distribute Valmont mechanised irrigation equipment in South America within the Mercosur Trade Alliance region, which includes Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. In 1999 Valmont undertook a majority owned joint venture in Nigel, South Africa with both a manufacturing plant and sales office for sub-Saharan Africa. The newest Valmont regional headquarters manufactures irrigation systems in the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Valmont Middle East
Building on an international reputation for reliability, dependability and state-of-the-art technology, Valmont has constructed an 8,500 square metre manufacturing plant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Valmont Middle East manufactures centre pivots, linears and spinner machines. With specific expertise in desert agriculture and salinity management, Valmont Middle East assists growers to produce the highest yields possible, while conserving water.

Valmont today
Valmont currently operates from 31 facilities located in 11 countries around the world. The company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and employs over 5,500 highly trained personnel worldwide, with approximately 1,500 located in Nebraska. Throughout its long manufacturing history, Valmont has consistently sought the best ways to apply advancing technology to products and processes alike. "We will remain focused on what we do best," said Mogens C. Bay, Valmont's chairman and chief executive officer. "We see ample opportunities to expand our businesses globally and in North America and, over time, we expect our investments around the world to further accelerate our growth. Our performance is the direct result of the skills, dedication, and hard work of each member of the Valmont team."

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