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Varco Pruden (VP) Buildings and Blaine Construction

Varco Pruden (VP) Buildings and Blaine Construction form one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and exporters of steel structures. All structures will be designed and fabricated to accommodate all load, codes and regulations, including all seismic conditions. VP and Blaine will also furnish all steel roof and wall cladding, doors, windows, louvers, etc., for a complete weather tight building. Additional components, including all mechanical and electrical equipment, cranes and interior finishes can be supplied as required.

Uses for VP/Blaine structures include industrial, warehouses, commercial, power plants, schools, hospitals, entertainment complexes, freezers and cold storage, along with any other application requiring steel buildings designed and manufactured for permanence and ease of construction. Buildings can be designed and fabricated to accommodate all types of hard wall including masonry, concrete and other materials.

VP/Blaine manufactures and exports from seven factories in the United States as well as from facilities in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Korea and Spain. We have been active in the export market for more than 30 years and have successfully supplied buildings to Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, including the largest metal building contract ever supplied, which included 1,098 buildings to Sudan in 1978, a contract valued in excess of $38 million.

Purchasing structures from VP Buildings and Blaine Construction mean a prospective client can utilise the services of the world's foremost fabricator of steel structures in VP Buildings, while with Blaine Construction they have a construction exporter with vast experience in supplying steel buildings and all required building components worldwide.

The VP Buildings/Blaine Construction solution to construction needs in Iraq and the entire world is unique and offers the opportunity to purchase steel buildings that will last for many years, at very competitive prices, delivered when promised to your job site or preferred port of entry. There is no stronger, more respected team doing business today than the team of VP/Blaine.

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