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Reconstructing Iraq will require the assistance of a large range of contractors, specifiers, vendors, manufacturers, retailers, export/import agents and distributors to aid in the supply of materials for rebuilding the country's power and water facilities, roads, bridges and other infrastructure. The scale of the project will also enable companies to locate and pursue business opportunities in investment and trade within the country.

A comprehensive global resource

Iraq Suppliers is an online information resource for companies keen to earn a share of the reconstruction projects and trade opportunities available in Iraq. Businesses are able to search Iraq Suppliers to find required goods and services from contractors, sub-contractors, industries, traders and service providers. As opposed to a number of other resources only serving regional or industry-specific sectors, Iraq Suppliers is a comprehensive global portal, serving potential buyers and targeting contractors and suppliers for highly lucrative contracts.

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Registered companies within Iraq Suppliers become part of an ever-increasing dynamic worldwide business community intent on reconstructing Iraq, supplying the materials to rebuild the country's infrastructure and undertaking a number of prestigious and lucrative projects. It is estimated that the entire rebuilding process could cost as much as $500 billion, with a heavy percentage of that money used to obtain crucial material supplies.

One-stop shop

The purpose of Iraq Suppliers is to provide a definitive 'one-stop shop' from which specifiers and buyers can source company information for the supply of equipment, materials and contract partners. For these specifiers, which include Iraqi ministries, the Project & Contracting Office, leading contractors and Iraqi families, such sourcing is most commonly done online, with the Internet used as the prime method of reliable communication.

The key to the success of Iraq Suppliers is that we market it directly to our fast expanding database of Iraqi business decision makers, putting your product or service directly in front of potential buyers. Information is available throughout the site on the latest developments within all relevant industries, providing a '24/7' source of reliable business news and opportunities. Registered companies can be found on Iraq Suppliers via:

Alphabetical company listings
Company searches based on key words

Additional features

Iraq Suppliers also provides regularly updated information beneficial for those wishing to become involved in the reconstruction of Iraq. Readers can find the latest news stories, updated daily to enable the international business community to keep abreast of developments in international aid, foreign investment into Iraq, project announcements and contracts granted to date.

Furthermore, there is a dedicated business projects section available offering more detailed information regarding the specific business contracts and projects handed out by the Project & Contracting Office, set up by the former Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to prioritise and oversee all procurement funded by the US Congress appropriation of over $18.4 billion for Iraq's reconstruction.

There is also an important links section that offers access to all of the key institutions and organisations involved in working in Iraq; this includes the likes of the PCO, the Baghdad Business Center and the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Iraq Development Program

Iraq Suppliers operates as part of the Iraq Development Program, a global initiative that looks to aid the development of Iraq through the facilitation of face-to-face meetings between senior Iraqi officials and business leaders and representatives from global corporations, as the country looks to establish itself as part of the international business community.

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